A Ghost on Every Corner

A Ghost on Every Corner
True stories from America's most haunted cities!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Parkersburg, West Virgina chapter pictures

There are quite a few haunted hotspots in Parkersburg, a city in West Virginia famously known as the home of  the mysterious Mothman. While investigating Trans Allegheny Books, a bookstore with a lot of paranormal activity and ghostly sightings, the group, Mountain State Spirit Seekers, captured a ghostly image in one of their video clips.

Shadow ghost in the bookstore captured on film. 
Photo credit Jason Gerrard.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Richmond, VA chapter pictures

Anyone familiar with the Civil War knows that part of the war took place in Richmond. One particular bloody area where hundreds died is the Old Cold Harbor Battlefield. Today, this location is a public park. Author and paranormal investigator Pamela K. Kinney, who has written extensively about the paranormal in Richmond, has investigated this site with a group. These are photos taken while they were on one of the trails.

Photo by Pamela K. Kinney at the Cold Harbor Battlefield in July 2011. “You see something by tree in middle in back – follow eye line between two branches, bottom of picture (see a bit of white on your right--that I think is Carol's sleeve [head of group]). Second one you don't see until scroll until [you] find [the] first one is to dark figure's left (your right on screen) – second tree from dark figure. Dark figure looks stick-like, but other has clothing. That day, we were [the] only people on the trails, as it was 100 degrees.”

Monday, September 8, 2014

Jefferson, TX chapter pictures

During her investigation of the Urquhart House in Jefferson, investigator Paula Hayes captured some very interesting photos. One picture shows an area of the ceiling where there hangs a chandelier. When they developed the picture, it showed a ceiling fan that was not there.

Another photo taken in another part of the house shows a strange mist where Paula had an encounter.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jonesborough, TN chapter pictures

While investigating a home reported to have paranormal activity, Robb Phillips & Kathy Shephard of the Paranormal Technology and East TN Ghost Tours captured this photo of what appears to be a ghost next to a sleeping child.

Another investigation was done at the Cranberry Thistle, a local diner where plenty of ghostly activity has taken place. At one point, Kathy noted she felt very cold at her left shoulder. A team member immediately took a photo, and this was the result.

Says Robb, "After the investigation, the next day, while we were analyzing the evidence, we discovered in one of the pictures that were taken at the moment when Kathy made the statement she was cold, we discovered a transparent apparition of what appears to be an older male dressed in early 1800s clothing with white hair, a handlebar mustache, wearing a skinny necktie, standing over Kathy's left shoulder."

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gettysburg, PA chapter pictures

While investigating the battlefield, Pat McCormack of Ghost Soldiers came upon the grave of Captain Jedidiah Chapman, Jr., of the 27th Connecticut Infantry. Pat had an interesting experience. It seemed the ghostly captain ended up following him home! But it had not been for any negative reasons; the ghostly captain just wanted to thank Pat for crossing him over into the light and reuniting him with his sweetheart.

Here is a picture of Captain Jedidiah Chapman Jr.

And here is a picture of his grave.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Portland, OR chapter pictures

At the time of the writing of this book, I interviewed Kurt Page, who at the time was founder of the group, Portland Ghosts. (Kurt has since moved on to another group with other interests.) One of the Portland locations Kurt and his team investigated was the Historic Columbian Cemetery. There was quite a bit of ghostly activity on this particular night, and Kurt picked up quite a few EVPs. One ghostly conversation happened at the grave of Mary White.

In fact, he actually had a conversation with the ghost of a young boy buried there named Jimmie Hudson (part of this conversation is in the book).  Jimmie's grave has eluded many visitors until this investigation, in which Jimmie himself led Kurt to his burial site.

As Kurt explained in the book, “Interesting story about the grave of Jimmie Hudson. He was an 8-year-old boy who was struck and killed by a car in the 1970s. Several people had combed the cemetery to locate his grave (we had seen a photo of it on a web site), but nobody could find it, even in the daytime. One night, I was there, and I just asked Jimmie to show me his grave. I started walking around and stopped under a very odd-looking tree branch. I looked at my feet and there was Jimmie's grave. I started doing EVPs right then and there and got at least two of him answering my questions.”

Kurt spent some time learning about the people buried at the cemetery. This came in handy when he encountered the very bitter and angry spirit of Bion H. Darling (1857-1910), who was very nasty towards him. After Kurt researched this person's life and learned more about him, he had a conversation with this ghost. "I looked into his life and found out he had a very good reason to be upset. I explained to him what I learned and how sorry I was, and ever since then, he’s been pretty pleasant to be around.”

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sleepy Hollow, NY chapter pictures

Rob Feinberg is a member of the group, New Jersey Paranormal Research.

Some years back, before he and his wife (at the time, his girlfriend) were married, they decided to head out to Sleepy Hollow on a whim. Rob enjoyed his visit so much that he knew that one day, he would have to go back. Later, he joined the group, New Jersey Paranormal Research. When the opportunity arose to investigate the Old Dutch Burial Ground in Sleepy Hollow, he jumped at it. They got very interesting EVPs during the investigation, as well as an interesting photo.

An orb was captured near one of the headstones at the Old Dutch Burial Ground. Photo credit Rob Feinberg.